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Hi everyone!

It’s Valentina. I’m born in Italy, Naples and I’ve discovered clay around 2014 but never practiced that much.

In 2018 I moved in UK, London and as all my friend are based in Italy I felt like to get entraitaned doing something as somehow I was feeling “alone” and I’ve always been a creative person so I’ve started over and practicing for quite a long time.

I’ve builded up a sort of community, and when Covid happened that was literally my job. I’ve started to get lots of order from all around the world but in 2021 I moved back to Italy as I had a surgery that didn’t allow me to create for a while.

After few months I’ve started again but orders were really low and money not enough to live so I’ve started to apply for jobs all over Italy but no luck so I’ve started to look up at UK’s vacancies and I founded that my actual previous job was looking for a position so I got hired and I moved back in London where I am at the moment lol.

In the meantime as I was working full time I didn’t get a chance to sit down and make new creation. 1 year later I gave my notice letter as I understood that you only live once and you need to enjoy what you’re doing so I’ve started an office job that allows me to spend more time at home ,making new creations!

So here I am again and very soon I’m opening my own website which is getting a touch up at the moment! 🙂

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